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     The loss of a loved one is something we all must face during our lives. Whether the death was expected or unexpected, it is never easy. The grief experienced after the loss can be heart breaking, confusing, and overwhelming. The loss may leave feelings of sadness, loneliness, and even anger at times. Grief is a difficult journey that takes much hard work.

     We at Colonial Funeral Home realize the void left following the death of a loved one. We have obtained a collection of books available for loan to anyone seeking comfort, guidance, and hope. We also have on hand a current listing of active bereavement support groups and seminars in the area, some of which we sponsor. Please feel welcome to stop by our bereavement library at your convenience or call if we could be of any assistance to you.

Listing of Books:

  • Bozarth, Ph.D., Alla Renee. A Journey Through Grief.

  • Brooks, Anne M. The Grieving Time.

  • Fitzgerald, Helen. The Mourning Handbook

  • Grollman, Earl A. Living When A Loved One Has Died

  • Miller, Ph.D., Sally Downham. Mourning and Dancing

  • Rando, Ph.D., Therese A. How to Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies.

  • Sanders, Dr. Catherine M. Surviving Grief And Learning to Live Again

  • Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff. Living Through Mourning.

  • Staudacher, Carol. Beyond Grief.

  • Staudacher, Carol. A Time to Grieve.


  • Brothers, Dr. Joyce. Widowed

  • Caine, Lynn. Being a Widow

  • Curry, Cathleen L. When Your Spouse Dies

  • Feinberg, Linda. Iím Grieving As Fast As I Can

  • Ginsburg, Genevieve Davis. Widow to Widow

  • Stanton, Richard. When Your Partner Dies

Losing A Child

  • Arnold, Joan Hagan & Gemma, Penelope Buschman. A Child Dies, A Portrait of Family Grief.

  • Bernstein, Judith R. When the Bough Breaks.

  • Finkbeiner, Ann K. After the Death of a Child.

Losing A Parent

  • Akner, Lois F. How to Survive the Loss of a Parent.

  • Brooks, Jane. Midlife Orphan.

  • Commins, Patricia. Remembering Mother, Finding Myself.

  • Harris, Maxine. The Loss that is Forever.

  • Kennedy, Alexandra. Losing a Parent.

Men and Grief

  • Levang, Ph.D., Elizabeth. When Men Grieve.

  • Staudacher, Carol. Men and Grief.

Special Topics

  • Fine, Carla. No Time to Say Goodbye.


  • Gootman, Marilyn E. When A Friend Dies.

Tragic/Sudden Death

  • Lord, Janice Harris. No Time For Goodbyes.