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Why plan ahead?     top
     Advanced planning allows families to consider options available to them without the burden of emotional stress, which accompanies death. The planning of a funeral can be overwhelming if not given forethought. You can take full control of your own funeral when planned ahead, relieving the pressure on your loved one in their time of grief.

How do I go about making pre-arrangements?     top
     Simply contact our funeral home and we will arrange for one of our funeral directors to meet with you either at the funeral home or at your home, whatever is convenient for you. When pre-arranging your funeral, the funeral director will ask you to choose the specific services (viewing, funeral service, method of disposition - burial, entombment, cremation) and merchandise (casket, vault, urn, prayer cards, register book, etc.). The Funeral director will answer any questions that may arise and provide an itemized statement of what you choose including all charges as well as your trust fund agreement.
What type of services do you offer?     top
     Although you will be able to arrange any type of funeral service to suit your personal preferences, the following types of services are those which would be considered traditional:
  • Viewing, next day church service, followed by burial, entombment or cremation.
  • Viewing, next day service at the funeral home, followed by burial, entombment or cremation.
  • Viewing, service at the funeral home, followed by burial, entombment or cremation all occurring on the same day.
  • Viewing, church service followed by burial, entombment or cremation, all occurring on the same day.
  • Direct Burials with graveside services.
  • Direct Cremations with memorial services held either at church or at the funeral home.

If I make pre-arrangements, must I prepay at the same time?     top
     When prearranging a funeral, you can simply come into one of our several locations or we can accommodate you by telephone, mail or at your home. We can then complete pre-arrangements with the option of prepayment. Prepayment is not required.

If I prepay my funeral where is the money held?     top
     When prepaying a funeral a FDIC insured account is opened with the NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund located in Manasquan, NJ. Your money stays in your name and is pooled with thousands of other accounts to earn the best possible interest. You can either prepay the entire amount, or establish an account with an initial $500 deposit, thereafter making periodic payments. If payment is made in full there is usually sufficient interest accrued to offset any cost increases when our services are needed.
Can I withdraw my money at any time from the Trust Fund?     top
     There are two types of accounts with the NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund. An irrevocable account will be established only if you are trying to qualify for Medicaid. In that case the only way your money can be withdrawn is upon the death of the funeral recipient. If this is not the case, a revocable trust is opened and your money can be withdrawn at any time by contacting the funeral home.
Why should I prepay my funeral if I am applying for SSI Medicaid assistance? top
     If you or someone in your family is going to apply for SSI Medicaid assistance, it is a good idea to prepay the funeral. Federal and State law allow you the opportunity to completely pay for the funeral of your choice before your assets are depleted by medical care and before your assets are reduced to SSI/Medicaid eligibility levels.
What are the benefits of prepaying my funeral?     top
     The New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund is a FDIC insured, safe, well-managed trust with the best possible interest rates available. The account has no age limit or health limitations. Deposits may be made after initial setup and there is no ceiling. It is excepted for SSI/Medicaid asset exclusion. This account is payable upon death unlike other bank accounts that may close or freeze at the time of death. Unless you set up a SSI/Medicaid account, your money is 100% refundable with interest and with no penalty. All accounts are transferable.

What if I change my mind after making pre-arrangements?     top
     You can change your arrangements at any time.
What if I move out of the area after prepaying my prearranged funeral?     top
     Since your account is completely transferable, you can shift your arrangements over to another funeral home. If you set up a revocable account (non-SSI/Medicaid) you could close your account if you so wish.